Helping Little Carlos

Jennifer Carter never dreamed

…she’d be giving round-the-clock care to her healthy and happy six year-old son, Carlos. But after he choked on a hot dog last August and suffered severe brain damage, she needed all the help she could get.

Jennifer Carter
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In order to provide Carlos the care he needed, she had to go on unpaid leave from her job at Wal*Mart losing the source of income by which she, as a single parent, had supported herself and her four children.

A referral from the local United Way brought Jennifer to Help Now! for assistance.

“Jennifer needed help for Carlos on so many issues, we had to prioritize them,” says Help Now! Executive Director Larry Kahn.

One of the first things Help Now! did for Jennifer was to persuade the Medford Mail Tribune that Jennifer’s family situation was newsworthy and could attract support from the local community.

As a result of Help Now!’s contact, a front page article appeared in the September 27 Mail Tribune:

Click here to read: Choking on Hot Dog Leaves Child Disabled.

On October 11, a follow-up story on Jennifer and Carlos was published:

Click here to read: Struggles Remain for Choking Victim, Family.

Cash donations and other kind offers of assistance have streamed into Help Now! for Jennifer and Carlos as a result of the articles.

Kahn and several other Help Now! advocates continue to work on Jennifer’s multiple issues. Stay tuned for more on Jennifer and Carlos’ situation.

With your support, we can continue to make a difference for people in crisis.


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