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Thank you, and for ALL the good you do for people. Mark N., Aloha, OR (5/24)

thank u. i finally got the security deposit for the apartment. thank u for helping me. it was real nice having you on my side. im greatful. – Ricky F. 2/24

Thank you for all your help. I can tell you probably help a lot of people. It’s a great thing to do. You give people hope. At least, that’s what you did for me. – C.D., Portland, OR 7/22

If it hadn’t been for your integrity, fortitude, perseverance and loyalty to us, we would not be where we are today. Since you began helping us through meetings and follow-up letters to the property management, so many complex issues have been addressed, fixed and cleaned up. We now feel that maybe we are being “listened to” instead of being dismissed. We the long-term tenants could not have achieved these successes without your continued help and we all THANK YOU so very much! – Residents of apartment complex, Medford, OR

Frustrated and exasperated with the situation, we contacted Oregon state representative Peter Buckley about what had happened to our [elderly] mother, and he referred us to Help Now! Advocacy Center. The advocates from Help Now! achieved what we and the Oregon department of insurance consumer affairs had been unable to achieve for our mother…. We highly commend and thank them for their aid in this matter which was both compassionate and professional. – J. S. & R. S.

Thank you for your help, your listening, advice, and referrals during this transition time for me. I wish Help Now! all the best and much success. – Lisa

I am a 47 year old with many physical problems and could not get help I needed from the state. Through Help Now Advocacy Group I was able to find a way to get help. Help Now Advocacy Group took the time needed and really worked hard to help me find what I needed. If not for their group, I would be still looking for help. They showed me compassion and an understanding of what I needed, without asking for money and only looking to help me. I would recommend The Help Now Group to anyone being given the run around and a having fear of not being as independent as possible. I could not have asked for better help. – Tim

You and your staff really went the extra mile for me, and it won’t be soon forgotten. – C. E.

I am disabled due to an accident that occurred when I was in the armed forces. The disability payments that I had been receiving for many years were discontinued solely due to some money that I inherited. I was having trouble getting the government to start up the payments again as they had promised me they would do once my inheritance was all spent. Almost out of money entirely and quite desperate, I called Help Now! to help me get these payments. They helped me organize some of the necessary papers, contacted people, etc., with the result being that my disability payments were reinstated fully and in a timely manner!

I have no doubt that Help Now! will be a truly worthwhile organization here for many years to come. The more people know about it, the more highly they will think of it. They really helped me! (emphasis in original) – Tom

I am thankful for Help Now! They are a group of people who are aware of the institutional brutality that a bureaucracy can impose upon the little person. They are willing to help. I recommend anyone who has been beat up by the system to not give up. There are good people willing to do something about it. There is Help Now! – Harry

Everyone at Help now acted professionally, and showed a caring attitude that I’ve not experienced for some time now. Bravo Help Now, may your days be long and fruitful. – Dale H.

Everyone at Help now acted professionally, and showed a caring attitude that I’ve not experienced for some time now. Bravo Help Now, may your days be long and fruitful. – Dale H.

Again I thank you — ever so amazingly — for NOT giving up on getting through to as many folks as you have tried !!! I do not tire of my appreciation for your help — it is to my LIFE —- and it is a Blessing that reaches the Heavens — and I know that God has heard my every praise for you —– my praise for all of you who are tied to “Help Now!” — in your having helped me in the many years since I have come to be blessed to know of you — thank you so much!

God Bless You — Many, many times Over and Over! Sincere to the core! – Rebecca

Thank you for all of your help throughout my time as a tenant with Pulitzer. I cannot express my gratitude and appreciation enough to you and your team!!! You and your team have really helped me when I felt there was no one else who gave a damn!! – T.S. (Talent, OR fire victim) 10/20

I have worked in customer service for 25+ years and I must say I am extremely impressed with the prompt replies and just how kind you and Mark have been to me! Words could not express how grateful I am for that!! Thank you for doing what you do, helping so many people that have nowhere else to turn. – Teri S.

Thank you so much again! I hope to someday meet you I really appreciate everything. It took a lot of stress on me off. I didn’t have anywhere to turn so I’m very thankful you helped me. This experience really woke me up… I wouldn’t be where I’m at without you guys. – Danny V.

I was in need of a medication for severe pain in my back and neck while awaiting another surgery. The $555 cost was far more than I could afford on my $938 per month disability. I found your pamphlet in my doctor’s office. I don’t know what I would have done without you. God Bless. – Judy W.

I have no idea what I would have done without your support in this most challenging situation. You all are life-savers. Blessings. – K.J.

I have suffered with mental illness all my life. Most people just give up on you and it is difficult to be heard. Thank you for believing in me and standing with me through a hard time. Thank you for the gift of hope when all seemed so hopeless. – S. L.

Help Now! literally accomplished for me in a day what I had been trying to accomplish for myself for a year. – L. S.

Thank you for helping my daughter, who has bipolar disorder, and me. Over the years, we had lost hope in so many areas, and then we had a new financial problem added. When we came to Help Now! for help on the new problem, our advocate at Help Now! saw all the issues and addressed not only the new problem but the big picture as well.

My daughter’s response has been wonderful—she felt someone cared about her life. She has
renewed hope in a future where she can be a productive member of society. The specific problem has been solved, and the larger issue of a life of hopelessness is beginning to be addressed. It is wonderful to see my daughter actually planning for her future. My most sincere thanks. – E. W.

You have been a lifeline for us. – M. R.

I am a senior citizen, and my adult son is disabled from a mental illness. He has been living in my home his entire life but, at times, his living here has been extremely difficult for me due to his illness.

I heard about Help Now! through the local chapter of the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill and contacted them to assist me in transitioning my son into living independently. While the process is not yet over, our advocate from Help Now! has taken an interest in assisting us in ways that other professionals working with my son previously had not. Our advocate is now working in very constructive ways with both my son and his treating mental health professionals to facilitate the transition without unduly stressing my son, thereby avoiding exacerbation of his illness. Calls are returned in timely fashion, and I believe there is a sincere and heart-felt interest in helping us get through this difficult time. – S. S.

I am disabled, my disability was getting worse, and I needed help obtaining additional services because of my worsening condition. The resident manager of my apartment complex found Help Now! for me. They quickly got involved and quickly found where I could obtain the services I needed. I am very grateful for that. – Steve

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