Disabled Vet’s ATM Card Stolen and Used

Being kicked when you’re down is one of the worst feelings in the world.

James* knows exactly how that feels.

James is a disabled veteran. One day, he had a heart attack and was taken by the paramedics to an Emergency Room at a local hospital. Because of his age and the extent of the heart attack, James was in a rehabilitation facility. While recovering, a homeless man broke into his apartment, stole his ATM card and PIN, and emptied his bank account.

When James found out what had happened, he reported it and contacted his bank (a large national bank) for help. Unfortunately, his bank refused to be of any assistance and contended that the homeless person must have had permission from James to remove the money because he had PIN access. After 10 months of getting no assistance for his situation, James contacted Help Now Advocacy.

After reviewing his case, one of our advocates was able to talk with a person at the corporate headquarters of the bank. Our advocate provided proof to the bank that the homeless man was being criminally prosecuted for the incident and negotiated a full immediate refund of $1100+ checking account balance.

Thankfully, we were able to help this disabled veteran so he could move forward in his life.

*James is a fictitious name used to protect the privacy of our client.


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