Advocating for the Widow in the $10,000 Scam

She was a 77-year-old widow.

Sheila* was in default to her Nevada credit union to the tune of $10,000, didn’t know where to turn and was in crisis.

How It Began

It all started when a Utah “consulting” company contacted her. They convinced this widow that she could easily start an online business and make thousands of dollars every month which would not only cover their “training”, but would quickly supplement her $563 monthly social security check.

Before Sheila knew it, her credit card had been charged $10,000 that she couldn’t pay, she was getting no money from her “business” and her credit union had sent her account to collections. By the time she contacted us, the scamming company was out of business with its two principals prosecuted and convicted and the deadline for disputing the credit charge had passed.

Help Now! advocates jumped into action and advocated on behalf of Sheila with the credit union in Nevada resulting in the credit union forgiving the charge on her card.

She has her peace of mind back and is grateful for the assistance that Help Now! offered her.

Help Now! Helps

This is just one example of the critical work that the Help Now! Advocacy Center is doing right now for individuals and families. Help Now! will continue to step up and advocate for those in crisis and treated unjustly.

Take Action

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*Name changed to protect privacy.

With your support, we can continue to make a difference for people in crisis.


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