The Board sets policy and direction for the organization. It also oversees the organization’s finances and assists in our fundraising. Members of the Board serve staggered three year terms and are not compensated.

We are currently looking to expand our Board to include influential Board members from across the country.

If you would like to be considered for a position on our Board, please read the board member job description and then send a cover letter or email detailing your qualifications and attaching your resume with references to: info[at]


To act as a voting member of the Board with full authority and responsibility to develop policies and procedures for the operation of the organization, to monitor, evaluate and further the organization’s financial health, its programs, and overall performance including that by management personnel.


  • Establish and periodically review policy to be consistent with organizational mission
  • Appoint/evaluate the organization’s Executive Director
  • Monitor finances
  • Review/create/approve and update strategic planning
  • Review key organizational procedures
  • Approve contracts/grants as appropriate


  • Attend at least 80% of all Board meetings and, if you cannot attend a particular meeting, advise the board president or secretary or the organization’s executive director as soon as you are aware of a conflict which will prevent your attendance at that meeting
  • Attend special events and activities of the organization
  • Prepare for all Board meetings in order to have given thought to the issues prior to each meeting
  • Provide input during Board meetings, acknowledging differences of opinion in a positive, collaborative manner
  • Represent and promote the organization to influential others outside the organization
  • Support the organization through personally meaningful financial contributions taking into account your personal income and assets and placing the organization in “highest priority” status as part of your charitable giving
  • Take an active role in fundraising for the organization by working closely with the organization’s development professionals. Includes providing contacts within your personal and, to teh extent possible, professional network, and strategizing with the development professionals to have those contacts become donors to the organization
  • Assist in recruitment of influential or otherwise suitable individuals as new board members
  • Assume board leadership or committee roles as requested
  • Keep the Executive Director/Board President apprised of your concerns and of concerns expressed to you by members of the community
  • Assist the organization by contributing any unique skills you may have
  • Have a deep commitment to further Help Now! Advocacy’s mission and to pursue actively opportunities to promote the organization in social and professional settings