Prospective advocates will be screened carefully to see whether their past experience lends itself to becoming an effective advocate. They will also be subject to criminal background checks because of the vulnerable populations with which our organization deals and the sensitive nature of some of our work on their behalf.

All those accepted to become advocates will undergo training. Depending on the individual advocate’s circumstances, this training may include dispute resolution technique and negotiation, interview technique, office forms and procedures, as well as information about our focus populations and their needs.

Below you will find the job responsibilities of our volunteer advocates. There is also a link to our volunteer application form. If you are interested in applying to become an advocate, please click on the link below and fill out the form in its entirety. 


To advocate effectively on behalf of Help Now! clients. Reports to and under oversight of advocacy management.


  • Effective advocacy/appropriate referrals
  • Demonstrates dependability
  • Keeps accurate records


  • satisfactorily completes training
  • develops appropriate interview technique and manner with clients
  • acts in professional polite manner in dealing with other party to dispute or issue
  • acts resourcefully in using best efforts to address client’s matter or in making referral
  • dependability
  • available to assist clients at scheduled times
  • pursues and responds to all aspects of client matters in timely fashion
  • attends organization events including training updates and idea exchange sessions
  • follows organizational procedures
  • record keeping
  • inputs case data accurately and timely into case information database
  • maintains accurate notes and hard copy of papers relating to client matters
  • maintains client confidentiality


To assist the organization in its advocacy work on behalf of clients for at least 6 months after training with a minimum of 8 hours per week spent on advocacy work at agreed upon times.