Family Emergency!

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One minute 48 year old grandfather of three Bart Ickes was sitting in the kitchen of his Brookings home along the Oregon coast.  The next minute he was slumping over in his chair with an apparent heart attack.  His daughter-in-law Tonya called 9-1-1, and Bart was immediately airlifted from Brookings to the Rogue Valley Medical Center (RVMC) in Medford for emergency treatment.     

Tonya and her husband Daniel quickly gathered up their 10 year old disabled daughter, along with her sister-in-law’s two children, ages 2 and 4, whom Tonya and Daniel parent in the sister-in-law’s absence, as well as Bart’s wife (Tonya’s mother) Colette.  They set off on the 125 mile emergency trip from Brookings to Medford with only $200 cash in hand, nothing in the bank, and no credit cards or other extended family members to call upon for help.  Tonya knew the $200 would barely be enough for gas to get to and from Medford let alone for food and shelter for the family of five while there.  

New Site

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Welcome to our new redesigned site. Please continue to check back as we plan to implement a few new changes as well.

Poke around and test out some of our new features. 

  • On-the-fly site language translation - use the language bar in the upper right hand corner of this website to change the language, 58 international language  supported.
  • Social Media Integration, now we can Like or Share a story with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter or Google +.
  • Ability to donate to HN from our site using PayPal.
  • New Press Room with embedded media (more to come soon)
  • Mobile Version of the website, visit us ( on your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone.
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