ED: Newsletter Status

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Those of you who follow this newsletter closely, and there are many, may have noticed that we have not been as regular recently in getting these out to you as in previous months.  

Frankly, running a volunteer-driven organization is not an easy thing.  Even though funding is increasing gradually permitting us to hire more paid staff, we still rely heavily on volunteers, including, in recent months, for this newsletter. 

Because our volunteers’ hours are limited and because demand for our client services is up more than 40% over last year, we have to make hard choices.  Our choice is to keep up our work in meeting the urgent needs of our clients even if it comes at the expense of newsletter regularity.  

We have recently had some new volunteers join us who have skills to assist with the newsletter, and our hope is that we soon will be back on track with getting these out to you at about the same time each month.  All I can say at this point is that we are doing the best we can with the newsletter in order that we do our best always for our clients. 

Laurence Kahn
Executive Director