ROLE: To advocate effectively on behalf of Help Now! clients. Reports to and under oversight of Program Manager/Director of Programs.


  • Effective advocacy/appropriate referrals
  • Demonstrates dependability
  • Keeps accurate records



  • satisfactorily completes advocate training program
  • develops appropriate interview technique and manner with clients
  • acts in professional polite manner in dealing with other party to dispute or issue
  • acts resourcefully in using best efforts to address client's matter or in making referral
  • Dependability
  • available to assist clients at scheduled times
  • pursues and responds to all aspects of client matters in timely fashion
  • attends organization events including training updates and idea exchange sessions
  • follows organizational procedures
  • Record keeping
  • inputs case data accurately into case information database
  • inputs time data accurately into timesheet database
  • maintains accurate notes and hard copy of papers relating to client matters
  • maintains client confidentiality

COMMITMENT: To assist the organization in its advocacy work on behalf of clients for at least 6 months after training with a minimum of 8 hours per week spent in the office at agreed upon times.