You've Got a Problem. . .

We Find Solutions

We use advocacy skills to help those in need within our community solve problems or resolve disputes with businesses, governmental agencies, or other individuals.

Give us a call, email or stop by the office to get help now, not later, NOW.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Help Now! do to solve problems or end disputes? 

We are on our client’s side. We speak up for our client to the right person and in a way that is most likely to solve his or her problem or end his or her dispute.

What will Help Now!’s services cost? 

Nothing. We do not charge a fee for our services. We are a non-profit organization and do accept donations to help fund our work. A donation to us is tax deductible to the person giving it.

Does someone who wants our help have to qualify to get it? 

No. We will help anyone. However, we first want to help people who do not have the money to get help elsewhere. We also especially want to help disabled persons, seniors, and people who are new to our country or area and may not know “the system” here. We want anyone who thinks he or she could benefit from our help to call us and tell us about the problem. If we think we can help, we will try our best to do so.

What if the problem is one where we cannot help? 

If this happens, we will provide names of people or groups that may be able to help. For instance, if the problem is one where only a lawyer can help, we’ll give the names and telephone numbers of several lawyers to call. In some cases, the lawyer may be willing to help at a reduced rate or free of charge.

How is Help Now! different than other places that might help? 

We solve problems and end disputes—a very broad range of them—while, at the same time, assuring that our client’s interest is protected. That’s all we do. Our staff is specially trained in ways to do it. We pride ourselves on doing it professionally. Our clients do not have to meet any special requirements or qualifications for us to do it. And we do it without charging a fee. In fact, there is no other group locally or, for that matter, nationally doing what ours does.

Who are the people that help? 

Our Executive Director is Laurence Kahn. His work in solving problems and ending disputes has been recognized nationally. Mr. Kahn is listed in Who’s Who in America because of this work. He has trained our staff, as he has many others across the country, on how to solve problems and end disputes. Mr. Kahn is also here everyday to work with our staff on doing just that.

What are some of the types of problems or disputes where we may be able to help? 


  • Social Security
  • SSI 
  • Medicare 
  • OHP
  • Other Benefits
  • Insurance
  • Purchasing Assistance
  • Creditors
  • Repossession
  • Payments


  • Product Defect
  • Product Return
  • Poor Service
  • Contractors
  • Delivery
  • Pricing/Fees
  • Repairs
  • False Ads
  • Scams


  • Home Support
  • Housing/Rentals
  • Employment
  • Treatment
  • Illness
  • Death


  • Family
  • Roommate
  • Neighbor
  • Community
  • Police
  • Caseworker
  • Agency

Even if a particular type of problem or dispute is not listed here, call us. There’s still a good chance we can help.