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Water Filtration Scam Springs a Leak

February 2010

Help Now! Gets $100,000+ Settlement for nearly 40 Latino Families

Teo Perez was scammed into purchasing an unnecessary water filtration system. When he came to Help Now! we discovered almost 40 other Latino families were victims of similar scams.

A salesman appeared one day in August 2007 at Teo Perez's front door in Medford. The man worked for American Home Solutions of Roseville, Calif., and asked if he could test the safety of Perez's tap water.

The salesman added a few drops to the water, which then turned light yellow. He claimed that this meant the water was too highly chlorinated and thus unsafe to drink, and would cause his pipes to rust. He even produced a piece of rusty pipe he said was the result of over-chlorination.