John Statler

Board Member

John Statler is an elected councilman in the City of Medford. John also is the owner of Computer Services Northwest, a firm he began six years ago. Prior to starting his business, John worked for many years in the residential construction industry, primarily in southern California.

John brings a unique perspective to Help Now!'s board of directors. He has been homeless and is a recovered alcoholic who continues to help others through local self-supported recovery programs. Since emerging from being homeless in the late 1980s, John has devoted much of his time and energy to helping the homeless and to community organizing. He has been active in numerous community groups and boards including serving as treasurer of the West Medford Community Coalition, as secretary of the Human Rights Coalition for Jackson County, as an officer and founding board member of the Rogue Valley Community Development Corporation, and as founding board member of the Association of Oregon Community Development Organizations and of the Liberty Park Neighborhood Association. John has also served on the board of the Oregon Coalition on Housing and Homeless. He is a recent recipient of Mediation Works' Peacemaker Award for his work in helping mentally ill consumers express their concerns to law enforcement officials about police conduct in several incidents that occurred in the recent past.